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Bearings MPZ
Wagons for transport of loose materials such as coal, coke, granulates material which is resistant against atmospheric influences. The wagons are self-discharging with a pneumatic opening of flaps or with a manual opening of flaps.
The wagon Eacs of Romanian production that after the reconstruction of the body fulfills parameters of the wagon Eaos and alternately compensates that for the transport of coal and loose materials.
Standard open goods wagon determined for the transport of loose materials and of the general cargo, which by the transport doesn´t need covered area.
The 4-axle wagon with the tipping by means of 4 pneumatical cylinders on both side internationally well-known as „DUMPCAR“ wagon. Wagons are of polish production from the plant ZASTAL Zielona Gora. They are equiped by Oerlikon brake, bogies Y25Cs after actual complet revisions, new monoblocs / 920 mm and spring sliding shoes.
Standart flat wagon for the transport of the long cargo, rods, rolled steel sheetss, wood and other flat materials. The wagon fullfils all the requirements UIC and RIV and it can be used for the national and international transport too.
2 axle covered good wagon with a possibility of the area dividing into 3 loading areas. All 4 doors are sliding in a vertical direction according to the need of the access to the separated loading areas. The body is made of aluminium sheets and profiles. The wagon is addapted for loading by forklifts trucks or cranes.
2axle open self-discharge wagon
4 axle Bogie open self-discharge wagon the special construction. The wagon is determined for special transport of the loose substances, first of all for the sand, calcite, gravel, gravel – sand and so on.
Flat Wagon of a type Rgs
2-axled plateau wagon Lgs destined for transport of 10´; 20´; 30´ and 40´containers
4-axled wagon type Eas with swivel front walls and equipped by 6 double-wing doors, 3 on each side of the wagon. Wagons are of bulgarian production and are destined for transport of coal, coke or other loose goods
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